Aprostocetus smilax

Family: Eulophidae | Genus: Aprostocetus
Detachable: integral
Color: gray, green
Texture: hairless
Alignment: integral
Walls: thick
Location: upper leaf, lower leaf, between leaf veins, stem, leaf edge
Form: abrupt swelling
Cells: polythalamous
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Diastrophus smilacis
Synonymy for the gall, not the wasp
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Cynipid Galls of the Chicago Area

Diastrophus smilacis

Described as irregularly rounded, abrupt pithy swellings on stem, one inch long by one-half inch in diameter. Polythalamous. Described from Chicago in 1896 and not collected since. Specimens much desired. It is suspected that there is an error here in the identification of the host plant. The adults are said to have emerged in Jan. and Feb. but the type flies in the National Museum bear the date label of May 1-8.

- LH Weld: (1928) Cynipid Galls of the Chicago Area©

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