Phylloteras lyratum

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Phylloteras
Detachable: detachable
Color: white
Texture: glaucous
Shape: spangle/button, cup
Season: Fall
Location: lower leaf, between leaf veins
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
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Field notes on gall-inhabiting cynipid wasps with descriptions of new species

Xystoteras volutellae Ashmead [According to Lyon, Weld was mistaken about the loss of Ashmead's types, and the wasp he replaced them with is P lyratum, not volutellae]

This species, the genotype of Xystoteras, was described from a single specimen from Manhattan, Kans., from Quercus macrocarpa. The type galls are in the National Museum, but the type fly can not be found there, nor did Ashmead return it to Manhattan, as he is known to have done with certain species sent him from there. The writer has collected galls which agree with the Ashmead types, and reared flies which agree with the original description except that balsam mounts show a tooth on the tarsal claws, which were described as simple. As the type seems to be lost it seems advisable to designate this series of reared flies as neotypes, and to add a few notes on the species to supplement the original description. The galls were collected in October, 1917, at Texarkana, Ark., on Q. lyrata; and, when a few were opened on November 21, some contained pupae and others living adults. The flies emerged (out- of-doors at Evanston, IL.) on February 19, March 20, April 6, May 23, June 14 and 21, 1918. The same galls were seen at Poplar Bluff, Mo., on Q. lyrata.


- LH Weld: (1926) Field notes on gall-inhabiting cynipid wasps with descriptions of new speciesΒ©


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