Neuroterus quercusbatatus (agamic) (q-bicolor)

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Neuroterus
Detachable: integral
Color: brown, gray
Texture: hairless
Season: Fall, Winter
Location: stem
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Cynips noxiosa
Neuroterus batatus variety noxiosus
Neuroterus consimilis
Kinsey's synonymy; see ID Notes
Neuroterus noxiosa
Neuroterus noxiosus
Neuroterus noxiosus form noxiosus
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New Cynipidae (1881)

Cynips noxiosa, n. sp.

Galls: Large, woody, polythalamous, terminal or subterminal swellings on the twigs of Q. bicolor, varying greatly in size and form, but usually tuber-like and three or four times as long as thick. They larger specimens in my collection are nearly an inch in diameter and four inches long, and contain a large number of insects. The smallest are almost imperceptible swellings, and have often but a single insect. These galls develop in the summer, and the insects, which are all females, live in the galls over winter, coming out before the leaves appear in the spring. They resemble, both gall and gall-fly, C batata B, and I for a long time, considered them a variety of that species.

- HF Bassett: (1881) New Cynipidae (1881)©


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