Neuroterus rileyi

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Neuroterus
Detachable: integral
Color: gray
Texture: stiff
Shape: globular
Season: Summer, Fall, Spring
Alignment: integral
Walls: thick
Location: stem
Form: abrupt swelling
Cells: monothalamous, polythalamous
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Neuroterus thompsoni
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New species and synonymy of American Cynipidae

Neuroterus thompsoni, new species

Neuroterus rileyi (error) [Kinsey separates N thompsoni from rileyi here but subsequently synonymizes it as a variety of a broader N rileyi in 1923]

Galls.--Pustulate swellings under the bark, each swelling oval, about 2 x 3 mm, and elevating the bark about 1 mm; usually many galls are confluent, around the twig and along it for a length of 2-12 cm. Larval cells, distinct but inseparable, lie in the wood, near the bark, 1-5 to each pustule, and each about 0.7 mm in diameter. On young twigs of Quercus prinoides.

Range: MA

The galls form in May.

- Alfred Kinsey: (1920) New species and synonymy of American Cynipidae©

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