Polystepha pustuloides

Detachable: integral
Color: brown, yellow, green
Texture: hairy, hairless
Season: Fall, Summer
Alignment: integral
Walls: thin
Location: upper leaf, lower leaf, between leaf veins
Form: leaf spot
Cells: monothalamous
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Cecidomyia pustuloides
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New species of gall-producing cecidomyidae

Cecidomyia? pustuloides sp. nov.

Gall.--Circular, blister-like, and slightly protruding on each side of the leaf. It measures about 4 to 7 mm in diameter. Found in clusters on the leaves of different kinds of oaks (Quercus rubra, coccinea, tinctoria [velutina], nana [ilicifolia], marylandica, in September.

Habitat.--NC, NJ

- William Beutenmuller: (1907) New species of gall-producing cecidomyidae©

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