Pachypsylla celtidisvesicula

Family: Aphalaridae | Genus: Pachypsylla
Detachable: integral
Color: yellow, green
Texture: hairless
Abdundance: abundant
Shape: numerous
Season: Summer, Fall
Alignment: integral
Walls: thin
Location: upper leaf, lower leaf, between leaf veins
Form: leaf blister
Cells: monothalamous
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Pachypsylla celtidis-vesicula
Pachypsylla celtidis-vesiculum
Pachypsylla celtidisvesiculum
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Insects injurious to the hackberry

Pachypsylla celtidis-vesiculum n. sp.

This gall appears upon the upper side of the leaf merely as a flat blister of yellowish or reddish-yellow color and of irregular outline. It is generally rounded, but often influenced and limited by the larger leaf nerves, which are rarely crossed by the gall. On the under side of the leaf the gall is still less conspicuous, and is visible only as a discolored spot with a small rounded nipple in the center. The sculpture of the surface of the gall is the same as that of the leaf, and the walls are not thickened. This gall often occurs in very large numbers on one and the same leaf, crowding one another, and often confluent. The full-grown pupae break through the wall of the gall either on the upper or lower side of the leaf. The species is most readily recognized from the very inconspicuous appearance of the gall, and more especially from the fact that it is the only one which is hardly developed on the under side of the leaf, whereas all the other leaf-galls assume there a more or less conspicuous form.

- CV Riley: (1890) Insects injurious to the hackberry©


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