Kokkocynips decidua

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Kokkocynips
Detachable: bothi
Color: brown, pink, red, yellow, green, tan
Texture: hairless, ruptured/split
Abdundance: common
Shape: globular, cluster, cylindrical
Season: Fall
Alignment: erect, supine, integral, leaning
Walls: thick
Location: petiole, upper leaf, lower leaf, leaf midrib
Cells: monothalamous
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s): Oak Wheat Gall
Andricus decidua
Cynips decidua
Cynips quercus decidua
Dryocosmus deciduus
Previous name
Unknown q-rubra-woody-midrib-gall
GF ID code for a variant of this gall
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Cynipid galls of the eastern United States

Dryocosmus deciduus

Quercus coccinea, falcata, ilicifolia, imbricaria, marilandica, rubra, velutina
Leaf galls, detachable
Black Oak Wheat. Cluster of up to 40 bursting out of midrib in early Oct, dropping when mature.

[Photo caption]
On Q velutina. Also on Q coccinea, ilicifolia, imbricaria, rubra, falcata, marilandica. Adults emerged Mar 13- Apr 22 the second spring (IL). Galls burst out of a crack in the midrib in a group and drop early in Oct. Dr Hopkins referred to them as "black oak wheat" as poultry were feeding on them. They are said to contain 63.9% carbohydrates and 9.34% protein. The photo is of isolated galls after a winter outside in breeding cage.

- LH Weld: (1959) Cynipid galls of the eastern United States©

Reference: https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/273718#page/123/mode/1up

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