Neuroterus quercusminutissimus (agamic)

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Neuroterus
Detachable: bothi
Color: brown
Texture: pubescent
Season: Fall
Location: lower leaf, between leaf veins
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Cynips quercus minutissima
Neuroterus minutissimus
Neuroterus quercusminutissimus
Previous name
Neuroterus verrucarum var minutissimus
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The Gall Wasp Genus Neuroterus

Neuroterus verrucarum variety minutissimus

GALL. — Similar to the galls of the other varieties; of moderate size, the papilla swelling on the upper surface almost entirely absent (due to the thickness of the evergreen leaf?). On Quercus virginiana.

RANGE. — Florida: Jacksonville (Ashmead) ; Lady Lake, Tavares, Bowling Green, Fort Meyers. Probably confined to the most southeastern part of the United States.

I have not seen types, but I have insects and galls deter- mined as this species by Ashmead, and insects I collected at Tavares, Florida. It may be that more than one variety is represented by the other localities I have listed. In the material I have seen the antenna has 13 segments, not 14 as Ashmead stated, and the areolet is not obliterated as originally described but is small and bounded in part by a very faint vein. The insect is distinguished from restrictus by its smaller size, the large amount of yellow on the legs including the coxae, and the smaller areolet.

- Alfred Kinsey: (1923) The Gall Wasp Genus Neuroterus©


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