Dryocosmus quercuslaurifoliae

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Dryocosmus
Detachable: integral
Color: red, green, purple
Shape: sphere
Season: Spring
Walls: thin
Location: upper leaf, lower leaf, between leaf veins
Cells: free-rolling
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
Diplolepis laurifoliae
Spathegaster quercus laurifoliae
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On the CYNIPIDOUS GALLS of Florida (1881)

Spathegaster q. laurifoliae n. sp.

The Cherry Stone Leaf Gall
This popularly designates a unique gall that appears early in February and March, on the tender new leaves--frequently three on a leaf.

Galls.--Green, globular, hollow galls, growing through the leafy expansion of the newly formed leaf, projecting about equally from the upper and on the under surface of the leaf, the size of a cherry stone and when removed not unlike it in shape, containing a yellowish, slightly elongated kernel, which rolls freely about. Length .20 to .25 inch, .15 or more through.

- William Ashmead: (1881) On the CYNIPIDOUS GALLS of Florida (1881)©

Reference: https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/32798#page/311/mode/1up

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