Common Name(s):
Coccus galliformis
Kermes emoryi
Kermes galliformis
Kermes waldeni
Talla galliformis
Talla waldeni
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Studies on the morphology and systematics of scale insects. No. 12

Allokermes galliformis

Kermes galliformis
Kermes waldeni New synonym.
Coccus galliformis
Talla galliformis
Talla waldeni
Kermes emoryi New synonym.

Hosts: Quercus arizonica, borealis [rubra], douglasi, durata, emoryi, falcata, gravesii, havardii, laevis, laurifolia, lobata, macrocarpa, marilandica, nigra, oblongifolia, palustris, phellos, shumardii var texana [Quercus texana], stellata, velutina, virginiana, sp., [Observations on Q alba, garryana, ilicifolia, kelloggii listed as "questionable"]

Post-reproductive female. female as Riley (1881) described the post-reproductive ... average length 5 mm. Subspherical, usually somewhat broader than long, and often with a broad shallow constriction medio-dorsally. Attached by a broad, dark-brown cut or excavation, which is covered by a beak anteriorly and notched anally, the brown color extending to a point above the notch. Polished and smooth. Ground color pale yellowish, appearing under lens minutely and evenly speckled with brown; more or less suffused or mottled with gray or brown, the constriction, when present, generally dark. A series of about seven irregular rows of black punctations running across the scale, often connected by an irregular black line, and this again relieved by white or pale yellow. The three uppermost rows most distinct and constant.

Remarks. This species, recorded from California to Virginia, has been verified as being found on at least 20 species of oaks. It is probably found throughout the southern temperate zone in North America.

It is possible that A. galliformis contains a complex of several undescribed species or subspecies. A thorough study of the adult males undoubtedly will clarify this question.

- Stephen Bullington, Michael Kosztarab: (1985) Studies on the morphology and systematics of scale insects. No. 12©

Further Information:
García Morales M, Denno BD, Miller DR, Miller GL, Ben-Dov Y, Hardy NB
Rachel Sitz, Marcelo Zerillo, Jacob Snelling, Jorge Ibarra Caballero, Kathleen Alexander, Kendra Nash, Ned Tisserat, Whitney Cranshaw, Jane Stewart

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