Callirhytis clavula

Family: Cynipidae | Genus: Callirhytis
Detachable: integral
Color: brown, gray, pink, red, green
Texture: stiff, hairless
Alignment: integral
Walls: thick
Location: stem
Abdundance: abundant
Shape: globular
Season: Summer, Spring
Form: stem club
Cells: monothalamous
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Common Name(s):
Synonymy: Andricus clavula, Cynips arbor, Cynips arbos, Cynips clavula, Cynips quercus clavula, Cynips quercus-arbos, Cynips quercus-tuber, Cynips tuber

Insect galls of Springfield, Massachusetts, and vicinity

Callirhytis clavula

Cynips quercus-tuber
Cynips clavula
Andricus clavula

Club-shaped woody gall at end of twigs. Sometimes leaves develop from the bud of which this gall is a malformation. Polythalamous, 2-4 cm. long. Green occasionally faintly marked with red, turning brown. Common on white oak, Quercus alba. Insects from April to July.

- FA Stebbins: (1910) Insect galls of Springfield, Massachusetts, and vicinity©


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